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From family business to European player

What started as a family business in 1839 has now grown into a European player. The expertise of Arie Blok in the field of animal nutrition goes back many years. Since 1839, Arie Blok has been engaged in the processing of grains and the production of compound feed. Today Arie Blok Diervoeding is a leading supplier of a comprehensive range of high quality animal nutrition and related products.

In 2015, the Blok family, founders of Arie Blok Diervoeding, sold their company to the Belgian company Arvesta. Arvesta is the largest full-service partner of farmers and market gardeners in Belgium and has international branches. Strong brands are built sustainably every day; Arvesta is ready for every innovative challenge of tomorrow!


The Arie Blok factory in Woerden is now GMO-Controlled certified. This means that for the production of feeds and feed materials, only raw materials that are not genetically modified are used.

Arie Blok specialises in the production of a wide range of animal feeds and processed cereal products. Hobby animal feed is the main activity, but private label feeds for professional animal farming are also produced. Specialised production and bagging lines ensure a high standard of quality for all products that leave the factory. A new aspect is added to this, namely GMO-Controlled certification.

GMO-Controlled & VLOG-certified

Arie Blok only processes raw materials that are not genetically modified. As a result, all animal feeds and grain products are free of GMOs by default. In order to guarantee this situation, Arie Blok is GMO-Controlled certified. This module of GMP+ International is accepted by VLOG (Verband Lebensmittel Ohne Gentechnik) in Germany and makes the products also suitable for, for example, dairy farms that are obliged to buy VLOG-certified feeds.

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Why choose Arie Blok

  • Transport
    Both packaged products and bulk products of Arie Blok Animal Nutrition are transported in recognizable trucks throughout the Netherlands and far beyond.

  • In-house production
    Raw materials from all over the world are processed in our factory in Woerden into a wide range of end products.

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Home banner arieblok grain processing companies & animal nutrition

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